I saw this ad of aircel some days ago and felt pity on that innocent animal who is  facing the threat of extinction.The last time I read about tigers I remember faintly that there were some 5000 but now its very awful and disheartening to write that there are only about 1500 left.The number line ends at zero for tigers as well ,there are no negatives and I think the time has come that even a student like me must also express something about this problem.

Tigers ……. when I think about them reminds me of aggresion,glamour and power.It is said to be next to the King of the jungle or better.Its huge mass,beauty,style attracted me.Moreover its stripes…..unique & special.Both symbolises the tiger as fearsome as well as fearless creature.But after all this description one question remains ….. are they safe,will we see them after some years or will they take their place in the books under the category of animals listed as ‘extinct’…..

Well as far as safety is concerned the answer is NO , and why,because of us.It is pathetic to know that tigers are facing extinction because we kill them,hunt them just for making floor or furniture covers out of them.There are mere 1411 tigers in India left waiting for us to take necessary actions for their survival.Though there are people who are trying to protect them but more people are thinking to make money out of them.The whole life passes by for making money but we don’t think about what all things we did for that.After the extinction of many species we haven’t learnt yet.

Let us take necessary initiatives to make life and future possible for these animals.Do whatever you can,speak up,writ and work for them.Think about the day when a person chasing you anting to take your skin just to make money of it …. Well hat may seem ridiculous but no one knows or future also.SAVE OUR NATIONAL ANIMAL.Your contemplation will reflect the contemporary.I hope you will remember this article read not through your eyes but with your soul.