In this highly competitive world of softwares there are some which stand out due to their ability to surprise,interest,looks,speciality and much more.In this blog I’ll like to write very briefly on those softwares which I prefer to use and also advise others the same.


This software is very good software which helps one to view PDF files. Foxit Reader enables the user to view PDF files with less difficulty. It is 17.7mb (approx) and can be installed in the computer easily. It is free software and you can download the latest version of Foxit Reader from the website


This software may be heavy but will do its job with great efficiency. It helps one to burn CD’s i.e. to write CD’s and burning images to disk by providing many options like writing speed, etc. It also gives various customizing options. Many new versions of Nero are now available.


Stardock_ObjectDockIt is a software which helps to make desktop more attractive. It is easy to install and provides many icons which are very attractive with a surprising clarity. It also provides various options relating to its appearance, effects, imports, etc. This may be about 17-20mb in size. It can provide the glamour of the Vista’s docklet for Windows XP.


Mozilla FirefoxThis is well-known browsing software which is in many ways better software than Internet Explorer in terms of looks, and its options. It also gives time to time updates of its features.I always use this to browse.This is about 25mb in size.Now check out the new ‘personas’ on Firefox website and give  cool new looks to your Firefox.


This software is just about some 4mb. It helps the user to extract files from the compressed or zipped folders. It is very good software which can be installed in the computer with just a click on its install option. It is suitable for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista.


This awesome software can surprise the user by providing all the major functions of a media player with various custom options in such a small size. It is mere 7-10mb. Though it may have slightly less audio quality and graphics, it can replace many media players because of its advantages like speed, etc. Its threads or basically more advanced types can be found on the internet which may provide attractiveness to the users who want good looking and light media players. From my point of view it is a must. You can install it on any Window type.



This software is very important software which can play almost all types of videos which other media players like Windows media player itself fail to play. It is about 73mb in size. It may be having lesser seek quality, visualizing quality, etc. but it is a highly reliable media player basically for videos. This software should be installed on one’s computer for those situations when one is cheated by all other media players. It can be installed on any Windows.

DAEMON TOOLSDaemon tools

Daemon Tools is used for advanced copy protection emulation with the help of implemented virtual DVD ROM drive. It enables the user to play almost CD copies available.With the help of this one can play CDs and DVDs without inserting them into CD drive.It is hardly 1mb in size. It can be installed on Windows95/98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista.