Onam is one of the most popular and loved festival in Kerala which is celebrated with great pomp and joy. The celebrations of Onam start 10 days before Onam. Whole Keralites wait for this festival as different dishes are created during this festival including my favorite palada paysam (a sweet dish generally used as a dessert).There may more than 10 types of different types of dishes excluding rice, and other common dishes of Kerala in a sadya (popular word used to describe all the dishes  when put together.It is generally vegetarian).Popular folk songs are sung and folk dances are performed during this incredible festival like Thiruvathira Kali, Puli Kali(performers paint themselves like tigers and hunters in different colors & dance on the beats of instruments like Udukka and Thakil., Pookalam, Ona-thallu,etc.


Schools remain closed in south India. Many schools provide paysam to its students before Onam and there may be community lunch also in schools. In regard to this festival various competitions are conducted like pookalam competition (various designs using different types of flowers are made). Pookalams are also made outside i.e. in front of houses.

During the reign of King Mahabali, Kerala experienced a very remarkable era. Everyone in Kerala was happy. Thus, the King became so popular and beloved and people began to believe him as God. So Gods felt challenged and brought his reign to an end by utilizing his egoistic character. But since Mahabali hadn’t done any bad deed the Gods gave him the boom of visiting his people every year. So according to this belief Onam is celebrated. Onam will be celebrated with the same enthusiasm for all the coming years, at least that’s what I hope. Here are some of the pookalams:


Wishing a very happy Onam to all for all the years coming. Enjoy!