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What first comes to your mind when you read or hear Man Utd..??…….the awesome Old Trafford stadium, the legends it has produced, the classic red jersey,…….or simply the legendary coach Sir Alex Ferguson……..


Well  I am not going to write about him. Simply because I don’t have to. People with great track records, cranky critics, and even opposition players and managers have said and written about him and what he has done for Man Utd. We all know that for the past 25 years he really has been the father of the United club, achieving almost everything within his grasp and more. The club is still doing great under him, performing well on the field and behaving well off the pitch and am sure that they will clinch their 20th Premier league (Can’t resist myself from saying at least a sentence of praise).
But the real worry is that how long can he carry on??… He is now 70 years old & is not getting any younger. He expressed his desire to coach United for the next three seasons also. Okay, well and good. But we all fear what’s gonna happen to this club next??… No ‘any other’ coach will do!!
Is there a man who can nurture young talents to make legends out of them, who has the mental authority over players as potent as Rooney, who can repeat the era of the Treble???  I know that there are rumors of Jose Mourinho taking up the guards of United next. But hey! No illusions please. Rumors are there at every corner. The person whoever he is will find it arduous to fill in the shoes of Sir Alex and carry forth his legacy, that’s the benchmark he has set. I personally feel that the way club is performing to the contemporary standards is majorly because of its manager; the way he manages the players and his tactics. So we need a guy who resembles his ways and methods and can do well with the team which the Boss has prepared.
For me, each time I watch them play and cheer United’s victories, it’s very hard to accept that we are heading for the end of an era as well. The world’s most famous and most followed club needs to prepare for its most feared and yet unfortunately expected context. I hope the Glazer Family realizes this and steps have already been taken (You can’t always be lucky as Chelsea to have a better assistant coach). We always leave everything to the Boss, so maybe this time around too, he might have thought of something about his successor. Hoping that we remain the ‘Come Back Kings’ as ever, long after Sir Alex is gone.
                                                     UNITED RULEZZ…!!!!!!

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As ‘they’ say, you can find music everywhere, from the tickling of clock, to the beatings of heart. If you look at it, even silence has music in it!! When it comes to music all are very passionate, reckoning and excited. For some ‘music’ mean happiness, for some nostalgia, and for some others time pass. But for me music is all the three and much more. Well, its all about that nice voice coming out while singing, the brains and fingers working behind the instruments, the hard work, the dedication and what more……….the whole life!!, isn’t it??

There are so many genres, names, types of songs that we can’t even remember or even hear in our lifetime. I think that’s why the word ‘Music’ is such a familiar name in this whole world because it engulfs every aspect. You talk about your best band or singer or so, there will be a crowd with you, but there will also be a crowd ready to debate and stand against you. It can just melt some hearts the same way it can lift your spirits up. It can make you cry, smile, nostalgic, lament… That is the power and magic of music.

The more you describe it the more it shows its vastness. You’ll run out of words and fall short. I think, of all the things discovered, man did not had to look for music because music came looking for him.

Many have made life out of it…. And I’m sure we also hope the same, though we know, many of us can’t. For those people who know that they aren’t made for the music industry or whatever!!……….Well, at least you can try lip sinking during a song!!


I saw this ad of aircel some days ago and felt pity on that innocent animal who is  facing the threat of extinction.The last time I read about tigers I remember faintly that there were some 5000 but now its very awful and disheartening to write that there are only about 1500 left.The number line ends at zero for tigers as well ,there are no negatives and I think the time has come that even a student like me must also express something about this problem.

Tigers ……. when I think about them reminds me of aggresion,glamour and power.It is said to be next to the King of the jungle or better.Its huge mass,beauty,style attracted me.Moreover its stripes…..unique & special.Both symbolises the tiger as fearsome as well as fearless creature.But after all this description one question remains ….. are they safe,will we see them after some years or will they take their place in the books under the category of animals listed as ‘extinct’…..

Well as far as safety is concerned the answer is NO , and why,because of us.It is pathetic to know that tigers are facing extinction because we kill them,hunt them just for making floor or furniture covers out of them.There are mere 1411 tigers in India left waiting for us to take necessary actions for their survival.Though there are people who are trying to protect them but more people are thinking to make money out of them.The whole life passes by for making money but we don’t think about what all things we did for that.After the extinction of many species we haven’t learnt yet.

Let us take necessary initiatives to make life and future possible for these animals.Do whatever you can,speak up,writ and work for them.Think about the day when a person chasing you anting to take your skin just to make money of it …. Well hat may seem ridiculous but no one knows or future also.SAVE OUR NATIONAL ANIMAL.Your contemplation will reflect the contemporary.I hope you will remember this article read not through your eyes but with your soul.


In this highly competitive world of softwares there are some which stand out due to their ability to surprise,interest,looks,speciality and much more.In this blog I’ll like to write very briefly on those softwares which I prefer to use and also advise others the same.


This software is very good software which helps one to view PDF files. Foxit Reader enables the user to view PDF files with less difficulty. It is 17.7mb (approx) and can be installed in the computer easily. It is free software and you can download the latest version of Foxit Reader from the website


This software may be heavy but will do its job with great efficiency. It helps one to burn CD’s i.e. to write CD’s and burning images to disk by providing many options like writing speed, etc. It also gives various customizing options. Many new versions of Nero are now available.


Stardock_ObjectDockIt is a software which helps to make desktop more attractive. It is easy to install and provides many icons which are very attractive with a surprising clarity. It also provides various options relating to its appearance, effects, imports, etc. This may be about 17-20mb in size. It can provide the glamour of the Vista’s docklet for Windows XP.


Mozilla FirefoxThis is well-known browsing software which is in many ways better software than Internet Explorer in terms of looks, and its options. It also gives time to time updates of its features.I always use this to browse.This is about 25mb in size.Now check out the new ‘personas’ on Firefox website and give  cool new looks to your Firefox.


This software is just about some 4mb. It helps the user to extract files from the compressed or zipped folders. It is very good software which can be installed in the computer with just a click on its install option. It is suitable for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista.


This awesome software can surprise the user by providing all the major functions of a media player with various custom options in such a small size. It is mere 7-10mb. Though it may have slightly less audio quality and graphics, it can replace many media players because of its advantages like speed, etc. Its threads or basically more advanced types can be found on the internet which may provide attractiveness to the users who want good looking and light media players. From my point of view it is a must. You can install it on any Window type.



This software is very important software which can play almost all types of videos which other media players like Windows media player itself fail to play. It is about 73mb in size. It may be having lesser seek quality, visualizing quality, etc. but it is a highly reliable media player basically for videos. This software should be installed on one’s computer for those situations when one is cheated by all other media players. It can be installed on any Windows.

DAEMON TOOLSDaemon tools

Daemon Tools is used for advanced copy protection emulation with the help of implemented virtual DVD ROM drive. It enables the user to play almost CD copies available.With the help of this one can play CDs and DVDs without inserting them into CD drive.It is hardly 1mb in size. It can be installed on Windows95/98/ME/NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista.

ONAM- biggest festival of Kerala

Onam is one of the most popular and loved festival in Kerala which is celebrated with great pomp and joy. The celebrations of Onam start 10 days before Onam. Whole Keralites wait for this festival as different dishes are created during this festival including my favorite palada paysam (a sweet dish generally used as a dessert).There may more than 10 types of different types of dishes excluding rice, and other common dishes of Kerala in a sadya (popular word used to describe all the dishes  when put together.It is generally vegetarian).Popular folk songs are sung and folk dances are performed during this incredible festival like Thiruvathira Kali, Puli Kali(performers paint themselves like tigers and hunters in different colors & dance on the beats of instruments like Udukka and Thakil., Pookalam, Ona-thallu,etc.


Schools remain closed in south India. Many schools provide paysam to its students before Onam and there may be community lunch also in schools. In regard to this festival various competitions are conducted like pookalam competition (various designs using different types of flowers are made). Pookalams are also made outside i.e. in front of houses.

During the reign of King Mahabali, Kerala experienced a very remarkable era. Everyone in Kerala was happy. Thus, the King became so popular and beloved and people began to believe him as God. So Gods felt challenged and brought his reign to an end by utilizing his egoistic character. But since Mahabali hadn’t done any bad deed the Gods gave him the boom of visiting his people every year. So according to this belief Onam is celebrated. Onam will be celebrated with the same enthusiasm for all the coming years, at least that’s what I hope. Here are some of the pookalams:


Wishing a very happy Onam to all for all the years coming. Enjoy!

car wallpapers

Sorry for the inconvenience,but this post has been moved to:


Many children in Northern India know about Raj Comics but when my father retired from his job we moved to Kerala I came to know that children here were not even aware of this name.So I wanted to just refresh my knowledge about Raj Comics and wanted to share my views with someone interested ,that’s why I chose this as my first blog topic.

Raj Comics


It is a division of Raja Pocket Books & is called as “The Home of Indian Superhero Comics”.Founded in 1986, its headquarters are in New Delhi.Its key people are Sanjay Gupta, Manish Gupta & Manoj Gupta. The cool characters of these comics are Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruva, Doga, Parmanu, Shakti, Bheriya, Bhokal, Anthony, Fighter Toads, Bankelal, Yoddha and Super Indian.These comics along with action have style,dedication as well as comedy.The pictures,colouring,inking,etc are also good and the prices are also not high.So in total,it is something which everyone should try.Here are some key characters of ‘Raj Comics’.

NAGRAJ (snake king)



This character was founded in late 1980s by Sanjay Gupta.Personally speaking, he is my favorite superhero in the Raj Comic series.He has great superpowers which are very unique & impressive. He is believed  to be inspired by mythological Ichchhadhaari Naags (shape shifting snakes), historical Vishmanushya (venomous human).This character shows  rich signs of mythology,magic and science fiction.Moreover,this also b rings out the unique popular Indian beliefs about snakes .He hides his real personality under an ordinary Mahanagar citizen ‘RAJ ‘.Though comic fans are vanishing in India ,Nagraj’s fans are increasing.

Super Commando Dhruva



I think this character from Raj Comics is the second most powerful character after Nagraj .Dhruva has the ability to talk to animals and birds; he is well trained in marshal arts and has a very sharp brain, which enables him to combat many powerful super-villains. He does not have any superpowers but he utilizes the things around him and this makes his opponents very difficult to beat him. That’s why he is considered as the most brilliant superhero in Raj Comic’s series. His comics have suspense, science fiction and intelligence.


Well what to say about Doga.Frankly speaking I think this superhero will be the most famous superhero if  released before people in Western countries thanks to its style & manly features.Like Dhruva, he also doesn’t has any superpowers but is able to communicate with Dogs who help him gain information as he travels the sewers of Mumbai also he relies on his Martial Arts training, his fearlessness, his physical power which is a result of his years spent in the gym as well as a fairly large arsenal of guns and bombs.



Suraj who later on became Doga was found in wastes dump by Halkan Singh who was a dacoit .Though he brought him up he, treated and even called him as a dog, which made Suraj a sociopath, who later on became Doga .Literally he is very violent towards his enemies and thinks of killing the problem instead of solving it. These characters has the most number of fans after Nagraj and guess what, Bollywood’s famous movie director Anurag Kashyap  will be making a movie on Doga’s character whose hero will be Kunal Kapoor.


Thousands of years ago a kingdom named Wolfano had many highly evolved breeds of wolf and they could walk upright. Their king was Wolfa who tricks and marries a human girl Survaiya. Their son is Cobi. Unfortunately, destiny brings Cobi in the hand of a curse from Survaiya. The curse changes Cobi into a golden statue. After thousands of years Cobi finds himself in the jungles of Assam.



As time passes by Cobi finds a master for himself named ‘Bhatiki’. He taught  Cobi different skills and Cobi then lives in those jungles with the name Bheriya. Eventually, the natives worshipped him as their Wolf God and Cobi began to protect them. The special powers of Cobi are that he can lengthen his tail according to his desire and uses it as his weapon, a very powerful mace comes to his hand when he cries out the name of Wolf God and moreover, he can call his army of millions of wolfs during extreme danger.


Actually Bheriya is evolved from Cobi but unlike cobi he has more patience



and has many times beaten Cobi. The evolution of Bheriya from Cobi is very interesting and one must read it himself to fully enjoy it. Bhatiki (Cobi’s master) splits the two personalities in Cobi –one animal (wolf) and violent part and other calm. The violent part is Cobi himself and the other part is ‘Bheriya’. Bhatiki wanted to send Cobi to Wolfano but fails. Bheriya marries Jane and begins to live in the jungle. Jane was a spy of France, she came in Assam during a mission and fell in love with Bheriya.She wants Cobi and Bheriya to be one again.Bheriya is a fearsome warrior and knows many ancient tricks and fighting skills.

Raj Comics is going to start a new comic series on Bheriya namely Amar Prem (Immortal Love).